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iT7x2 Review from MacWorld UK

The iT7x2s are a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones created by iT7 Audio, a company founded by former Premiership footballer Ian Taylor. The great thing about Bluetooth headphones is that there are no wires to worry about - no more tiresome untangling to do before you play a song. It gives you more freedom to move around without having to worry about your headphones getting caught on something and ripped off. The downside to Bluetooth headphones is usually battery life, but the iT7X2s combat this by utilising Bluetooth 4.0 technology, allowing for less battery consumption on both ends: the iT7X2s have an average life of around 22 hours on a single charge, and can last up to 400 hours on standby. The best...

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iT7 Audio Presents: Jake Webster @ Castleford Tigers

Music and Motivation with Jake Webster and iT7   iT7 has music and sports at it’s core.  Because of this it was incredible to spend the day with Castleford Tigers, Jake Webster recently.  Having the opportunity to learn what drove Jake to become a professional Rugby player, his personal influences and how he keeps himself motivated to constantly perform on match day.   Additionally we were able to learn how Jake keeps himself and his team pumped up with music in life, training and especially before a match.  

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