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The iT7x2s are a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones created by iT7 Audio, a company founded by former Premiership footballer Ian Taylor. The great thing about Bluetooth headphones is that there are no wires to worry about - no more tiresome untangling to do before you play a song. It gives you more freedom to move around without having to worry about your headphones getting caught on something and ripped off.

The downside to Bluetooth headphones is usually battery life, but the iT7X2s combat this by utilising Bluetooth 4.0 technology, allowing for less battery consumption on both ends: the iT7X2s have an average life of around 22 hours on a single charge, and can last up to 400 hours on standby. The best part is that if the battery does run out, the headphones come with an old-fashioned audio cable that you can plug in and continue listening to music with.

The iT7X2s also come with buttons on the side, allowing quick and easy access to volume and track controls. You can skip forward and backwards between songs, pause them using the multifunction button and adjust the volume. It also has a built in microphone for phone calls, but when testing, we had complaints that recipients couldn't quite hear us clearly.

The iT7X2s boast dynamic noise cancellation, and while we can't say it's the best noise cancellation we've ever used, the quality and sheer volume of the headphones make up for it. We feel that iT7X2s are comparable to Beats headphones with the level of bass offered - but it's not just bass-heavy, as the iT7X2s produce clear and bright mid ranges and highs. This means that they’ll perform just as well playing Skrillex as they do playing Ed Sheeran.

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