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iT7 Audio Presents: Keywest @ Birmingham Bullring

You may already know that the band Keywest are our official ambassadors in Ireland. As you can imagine we don’t get the chance to catch up with them as often as we would like. However when we get the chance we jump to it especially as it often means getting to see them perform. Fortunately for us this week, in celebration of International Busking Day on the 23rd July, Keywest were travelling around the country performing a number of impromptu live shows before their sell out show at the Liverpool O2 Academy. We took the opportunity to record a number of songs with them as well as ask them a few questions on the music business, their motivations as well...

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iT7 Audio Presents: Keywest

We're really proud to have Keywest as ambassadors for iT7 Audio in Ireland. Their latest video for what we hope will be a massive track this summer, also called ‘This Summer’ has just launched and is already racking up the views. If you haven’t seen it yet head over to their Facebook page and check out how many times you can spot our headphones. At last count we found 9 as well as a couple of sneaky appearances of our S2 headphones.        

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iT7 Audio @ Ireland Launch

Ian was in Ireland this week to help launch the new www.iT7Audio.ie website which is now live and ready to deliver amazing audio products throughout Ireland. Ian is also happy to announce that Vodafone Ireland now stocks iT7 Audio products! Ian Taylor’s amazing two day visit to Ireland was a great success! Check him out below on Irish Radio RTE!

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iT7 Audio Instructions: iT7x2 Headphones

Check out all of these tutorial videos, to help you get to grips with your iT7x2 Wireless Headphones! How to Pair your iOS Device with the iT7 x2 Headphones How to use Voice dialling with your iT7x2 Headphones How to change volume in your iT7 x2 Headphones How to change audio track using your iT7x2 Headphones How to answer calls using your iT7 x2 Headphones How to Charge your iT7x2 Headphones How to Pair with your Android Device using NFC How to Pair with your Android Device

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iT7 Audio Presents: Duke - 'Prayer in C'

Our cameras caught up with the boys from DUKE at their home studio for the recording of some songs off their new EP. http://dukeofficial.co.uk/

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