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iT7xnc Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones

£29.99 £149.99


These professional-grade wireless headphones offer incredible comfort and style. With Bluetooth® 4.0 they deliver superior sound quality; beautifully rich and punchy bass tones with balanced and crisp mid/top ends. Coupled with advanced aptX® wireless audio technology they offer a listening experience you can only find with iT7 Audio.

NFC connectivity allows for simple and intuitive pairing with compatible devices, and they can also connect to two devices at the same time with 'multipoint' connection technology.

Not only are these headphones great for listening to music, they also allow you to control your devices with its range of easily accessible buttons. Calls can be made and received by clicking the phone button and built-in microphone. Music can be controlled and skipped using the music control buttons.

Clicking the Noise Cancellation button on the headphones, they use the built-in microphone to actively cancel the noise from the outside world while you listen to your favourite tunes.

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