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iT7m Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker

£29.99 £79.99

Our Special Edition iT7m Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker is the sleekest speaker we've ever created. Even with its small size, this speaker packs a mighty punch. With 5 drivers it handles any style of music with ease and combined with an impressive volume range, this is the speaker for you! 


The iT7m Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker will connect to your preferred Bluetooth® device including smartphones, tablets and laptops, allowing you to always have your music at hand. It's incredible sound quality allows it to play any style of music, without missing a beat. This speaker won't let you down. 


With a built-in microphone, this speaker can be used to make and receive handsfree calls. You can also control your music using the buttons on the device. Pair, control volume, and skip tracks, all with a touch of a button.



  • Portable Bluetooth® speaker
  • Incredible sound quality
  • 5 drivers to handle any style of music
  • Functional buttons give complete control over volume, skipping tracks and pairing
  • Built-in microphone to make and receive calls
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth® devices including: smartphones, tablets & laptops


Included in your order:

  • - 1x iT7m Bluetooth Speaker
  • - 1x Charging Cable
  • - 1x AUX cable
  • - 1x User Manual

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